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My most adventurous client

2 women sitted in a surf board

One of my dearest and most adventurous clients is Anna from the Netherlands. Anna came with her family to spend the Christmas Holidays and then stayed for 3 months to learn Spanish. I have to say that I really admire this young lady. She celebrated her 18th birthday here in Costa Rica and jumped into THE adventure more than anyone I know. She did everything; rafting, hanging bridges, zip-lining, adaptive surfing. But her biggest and most dangerous adventure – she rode a public bus in San José.

I have to admit that each day, I made numerous calls to our travel partners to ensure that everyone was doing their best and was ready to receive her. Anna wanted her trip experiences to get out of her comfort zone… So I designed her trip itinerary to get her miles and miles outside of it. She said it was well worth it. I am happy that I had a smart part in helping her make unforgettable memories during her time here in Costa Rica.

I will not tell you much more about Anna, but you can imagine her energy and adventurous spirit just with what I have written about her here. I will share some pictures below, where you can see Anna and her family on their Costa Rican adventures. I wat to also invite you to follow her on Polarsteps, a travel app that allows to you track and share your travels. This app is the best way, I have discovered, to record your trips. I already started my travel book. Thanks Anna!!!

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