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Do you know about joelette chairs?

Kid in trekking chair assisted by two adults

The Joelette is a one-wheeled chair used for taking people with reduced mobility trekking and hiking. With the help of 2 guides, the chair can navigate any kind of terrain, even the most difficult ones. It allows people (adults and children) with disabilities to enjoy activities and places that are not accessible. The joelette chair is inclusion and fun!

But the joelette wheelchair is not as simple as it looks. The two guides maneuvering the chair have to understand how to balance the person’s weight, control traction, and direction. After sufficient training and practice, guides may still find certain terrains challenging. Guides also find they get in a really good work out operating the chair. It pays to be strong and fit!

Il Viaggio Travel has a Joelette Chair and trained guides to offer their clients. Together we provide adventures and great experiences to those with limited mobility in places they have never imagined! Thanks to our friends and partners, Wheel the World, Costa Rica offers people with disabilities the opportunity to explore, even those places that are not 100% accessible.

As part of our work and commitment to our clients, we are constantly studying and exploring new places, to offer amazing and secure adventures.

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