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Accessible Travel in Costa Rica

Wheelchair users enjoying Costa Ricas natural beauty

Costa Rica is a small country full of nature and nice people. More than 25% of the country’s total area is national parks and protected forests. Here, you can find more than 615 species per 10,000 sq.m; making it one of the most bio-diversified regions in the world. One impressive fact about Costa Rica is that it abolished its army in 1948. Since then, the government invests more in its public health, education system, natural preservation programs, and other things. What the biggest reason to visit Costa Rica? Its fauna, flora, and people.

Costa Rica Accessibility

As part of our strong respect for human rights, Law 7600 was signed in 1996 granting equal opportunities to persons with disabilities. The Rights for People with Disabilities law states basic principles to follow regarding accessibility in all public and private buildings and areas. Much has been done since this law was put into effect, but much more is still missing. As a person with a disability myself, I know firsthand that Costa Rica has made a lot of improvements in terms of accessibility. For example, wheelchair accessible bathrooms can be found everywhere. However, depending on your disability, the country is still lacking so many other accessible options. Tourism is no exception. All hotels are required to have at least one accessible room, yet those room guidelines/requirements are not specified. Accessible activities are also difficult to find.

These incontinencies in standards are why it is so important for people with disabilities traveling to Costa Rica, to look for the right people to make their trip enjoyable and comfortable. Il Viaggio Travel is the only local ground operator that has vast experience in accessible tourism. We are award-winning experts in tourism and accessibility. When you hire us, you can be sure that you will not have to worry about anything during your trip. We take care of all of the details so you can enjoy your time here in Costa Rica.

Spoiler Alert: Be prepared for the adventure! Have you read about our most adventurous client to date?You may find some things here that may not be as accessible as in the USA or Europe. But you can be certain that our staff and allies are going to do their very best to solve any issue and make your experience in our country unforgettable in all the best ways!

As part of our work and commitment to our clients, we are constantly studying and exploring new places, to offer amazing, secure, and accessible adventure experiences.

Keep up to date with our news. We will be posting about different activities and places you can discover in our beautiful country.

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